SFC license

SFC Licenses


Striving to provide reliable securities trading and other financial services to our clients in Hong Kong SAR, the Group’s subsidiary companies have obtained the following licenses under the Commission of Futures and Securities of Hong Kong.


Ever-Long Securities Company Limited (CE Reference: ACM423)

  • Type 1 Dealing in securities
  • Type 2 Advising on Securities
  • Type 6 Advising on corporate finance

Ever-Long Capital Management Limited (CE Reference: BEC578)

  • Type 9 Asset management


Ever-Long Research Limited (CE Reference: AFT530)

  • Type 4 Advising on securities


Clients from the mainland and overseas should strictly observe the laws of Hong Kong SAR when trading in Hong Kong market, even though they are not located in Hong Kong SAR.  Besides, please take note that our Group does not hold any business license in other areas.